Nickname: Coinseeker123

'Coinseeker123' from Germany

April 16th

Won €1,265 playing our €5000 Tea Time tournament.


- How long have you been playing poker ?  
for 4 years sometimes more sometimes less

· How long have you been playing at Ladbrokes Poker ?
Since the start of the year

· How difficult was the final table of the tournament?  
Got a pretty good run of cards and in the Heads Up my opponent was really aggressive jamming about 30% of hands even with 30+bb effective stacks

· Do you have any comments or quotes regarding Ladbrokes Poker ?
I really enjoy playing mtts at Ladbrokes. Nice structure and good field sizes. Keep up the good work!

Nickname: alibibi15

'alibibi15' from Germany

September 12th

Won €8,000 playing our Twister €10 SNG tournament.


Quote: "I play online poker just for about 2 years now and I started with playing sit goes, but for now twisters are more fun :-)

The Winning twister I played was quite fast and easy to play as I did not have many hard decisions in the game and it was only about 12 hands long. The key hand I won was a coin flip with 55 agains Q9s. From there on I had a big lead.


It was definitely my biggest win so far and I thank ladbrokes for making it happen ! Stay as you are :-) ".

Nickname: xfdonk

'xfdonk' from UK

September 4th

Finished 5th  and won €1,484.84 playing our €30,000 Sunday Premium tournament.


Quote: "Been playing around 10 years, started on the old Ladbrokes platform. Stopped about 4 years ago. Just started playing on Ladbrokes again..  Decided to jump in the premium, It's good to be back! 


Final table was tough, I went in 8/9 and knew if I could double up early I had a chance. Got 2 shoves through before shorty bust to stay afloat. Then managed to Grind into 5th place, losing Ace/Four off suit vs Nine/Ten suited blind vs blind for around 2.5million chips".

Nickname: karldaly

'karldaly' from UK

August 7th

Finished 5th  and won €1,016 after playing our €15,000 Sunday Masters tournament.


Quote: "Loved the changes made over last few years".


Nickname: HulaLoops

'HulaLoops' from UK

December 4th

Finished 2nd  and won €2,970.24 after playing our  €15,000 Grand Friday tournament.

Quote: "I have been playing on other poker sites and have cashed out a few times but I wish I had started playing with ladbrokes a long time ago,
I would recommend playing poker on ladbrokes as it fair and good fun,
Thanks ladbrokes I hope to win next time or at least make the final table

Nickname: JohnnD

Finished 1st and won full package to the BOM 2015 after playing our Battle Of Malta - New Player 1 tournament.

package is valued at €1,690 and includes:

4 nights at the 5-star Hilton Hotel
€550 buy-in to the  €500,000 GTD Main event
€200 Spending money
Ladbrokes Poker Unique bracelet entrance for 3 parties: BOM Cocktail Party, All-in Friday and BOM VIP Player party
Casino buffet dinner during tournament play.

Quote: "have cashed a lot of times in tournaments, but not live package so this is interesting.

About the site I think I will stay for a while. :)".

Nickname: forbez11

'forbez11' from UK

October 18th

Finished 1st and won €1,626.75 after playing our €6,000 Sunday Eclipse tournament.

Quote: "love Ladbrokes site so varied poker tournaments spin and go's etc. won £500 for 5 euro buy in."

Nickname: Clavellito

'Clavellito' from Sweden

Finished 1st and won €5,015.78 after playing our €20,000 Grand Friday tournament.

Quote: "I started playing around 2003-2004 as I joined Ladbrokes as my first pokerclient. Stayed on since then actually.
when it gets down to final table you need the right kind of luck and the % on your side.

Nickname: Masterlus

'Masterlus' from Sweden

July 6th

Finished 1st and won €8,000 after playing our Twister €10 SNG tournament.

It took him less than 9 minutes to turn €10 into €8,000 !!!

Quote: "I have been playing since 2002. I accually started my internet poker on ladbrokes, The twister tournament is a very perfect game. It is fast and with your small stack you have to play to win, you can't wait for good cards."

Nickname: allaction272

'allaction272' from Ireland

June 1st

Finished 1st and won €1,931.60 after playing our €10,000 Sunday Prime tournament.

Quote: "I love Ladbrokes poker because of the wide variety of big value low buyin multi table tournaments. Withdrawing cash in my local shop is the biggest plus".

Nickname: YoLoFjaLL

'YoLoFjaLL ' from Sweden


April 19th

Finished 1st and won €1,104.01 after playing our €5,000 Sunday Lunch tournament.

Quote: "If I can win, anyone can win!"

Nickname: TogganPoker1972

'TogganPoker1972' from Sweden


April 5th

Finished 1st and won  package to Season Four of the Mega Poker Series in Malta worth €1,500!
after playing our MPS Super Sat

Quote: "Good structure on the tournaments and surprisingly good action on the cashgames and great customer service! I'm here to stay!"

Nickname: lecoron40


'lecoron40 ' from Austria


February 1st

Finished 1st and won €1,882.50 after playing our 100K Depositor FR Series #1 tournament.
Quote: "4196 players have played the tournament, and in my 12 years of poker hoby is one of the higest won tournaments.
I like very much Ladbrokes poker, thank you all from the Ladbrokes team for all what you do for me,and i hoppe i can win another tournaments in your site,and i hope i can play long time in Ladbrokes poker

Nickname: YouBluff2Much

'YouBluff2Much' from UK

January 2nd

Finished 1st and won €6,308.58 after playing our €25,000 Grand Friday tournament.
Quote: "Anywhere that lets me instantly withdraw my winnings from their shop in cash is alright in my books ;)"