All the information about Ladbrokes Poker VIP Club is on our website which we strongly urge you to read thoroughly, in addition to the following VIP Club FAQ contained below. Should you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced, helpful and friendly support team via telephone, email, fax, or via the Chat applet feature within the poker software.

How Do I Join?

All you have to do to become a VIP player at Ladbrokes Poker is play in cash games and poker tournaments. You'll begin to accumulate Points automatically which will be used to increase your VIP level.

Note: The New VIP Club will be launched 1st July 2015. Players who accumulated 1 Status Point between 00:00 1st June and 23:59 30th June 2015 will be granted top level membership in the new VIP club until 23:59 31st July.

What are the VIP Levels?

If you're new to the Ladbrokes Poker VIP Club, you'll start as a Short Stack and work your way up in the game to Grinder. You'll pick up momentum and advance to Big Stack soon after, unlocking bigger and better rewards along the way. In no time at all you will be ready to advance to Chip Leader. By now your presence in the poker rooms is known and you're ready to advance to Rounder before making it to the top tier as a Ladbrokes Poker Legend.

The new VIP levels and their Status Point requirements can be found below:


VIP Level

VIP Name

Status Points required Per Month


Short Stack






Deep Stack



Chip Leader










Those who are already VIP members will have their current point balance translated into the new point system, where the value of the points balance will calculated to their equivalent value in the new system.


How are VIP Levels Gained, Maintained and Downgraded?

VIP Levels are calculated on a daily basis and last for one calendar month following a level up. Status Point accumulation per month must be maintained to remain at a given VIP level. i.e. If a VIP level 1 player accumulates 100 Status Points in a given period, they may advance to the next VIP level and enjoy the benefits of their upgrade for the duration of one calendar month. If at the end of that month they have not accumulated 100 Status Point during play (the amount needed to maintain VIP level 2), they will be downgraded to VIP Level 1 until they accumulate the minimum 100 Status Points necessary to advance in VIP level.

VIP level downgrades will occur once a month (on the 1st of the month), based on the last calendar month of poker activity.

What is the Difference Bewteen Ladbrokes Points and Status Points?

VIP Status Points (SP) and Ladbrokes Points (LP) are earned from cash games and tournament fees. Status Points are applied to your VIP rank and contribute to the rate at which you advance in the VIP Club. Ladbrokes points are earned at the same time as Status Points and in an equal amount starting 1st July, 2015. Ladbrokes Points are used in the VIP Shop to exchange for cash and tournament tokens.

How are Points Accumulated?

Points can be accumulated by playing in cash games and competing in tournaments. Ladbrokes points are earned at the same time as Status Points and in an equal amount. Their accumulation depends on which currency is being used by a player and the breakdown is as follows:

$1 toward cash games = 10 Ladbrokes Points/Status Points
$1 toward tournament fees = 10 Ladbrokes Points/Status Points

€1 toward cash games = 14 Ladbrokes Points/Status Points
€1 toward tournament fees = 14 Ladbrokes Points/Status Points

£1 toward cash games = 16 Ladbrokes Points/Status Points
£1 toward tournament fees = 16 Ladbrokes Points/Status Points

How Can I Use My Points at the VIP Store?

Only VIP members level 2 and above will have access to the Ladbrokes Poker VIP store. There, Status Points can be exchanged for either tournament tokens or bonuses in various amounts. Players in each VIP level will see only the store's rates and rewards available to their VIP level. The full chart of bonus and token availability by VIP level can be seen on the Ladbrokes Poker VIP Club page, here.

What Will Happen With My Current Ladbrokes Points Balance?

All players with a current Ladbrokes Points balance will have their points converted to the new VIP Club point system, but their value will remain the same.

How Can I Check My VIP Level and Points Balance?

Players can log in via the Ladbrokes Poker website and navigate to the VIP section. There they are able to view their VIP level and Status Points balance. Alternatively the Poker cashier also provides this information under poker information in the ‘ipoints' section.

Players experiencing difficulty or who have additional questions about their VIP level and point balance can contact support for assistance.

What Events are Available to VIP Players?

There are several VIP poker freerolls, tournaments and races held at Ladbrokes each week. These daily freerolls and weekly points tournaments can be played by all VIP members. However, two monthly €1,500 freerolls and exclusive monthly races are made available to the top two tiers of VIP players.