UPDATE April 19th, 2016


Performance Stability
Defects fixed

Six Plus Holdem now available!

New Six Plus online poker games are now being played at Ladbrokes with more entertainment and more opportunities to win!

Macau's most popular card game is now available at Ladbrokes Poker! Enjoy the latest addition to your poker options with Six Plus Hold'em, a style of Holdem poker that gets rid of all cards 2-5 in the deck and results in more high-ranking hands than ever before. 

 The game of Holdem gets turned on its ear with this new addition to the Ladbrokes catalogue. Read more about it by clicking here!


Poker Mobile - FAQ's

What mobile devices are supported by the poker software?

Currently, Android, iOS and Windows powered mobile devices are supported.

Where can I download the Ladbrokes Poker app?

You can download the app at the Google Play and Apple iTunes stores.

How much does the app cost?

The Ladbrokes Poker app is available to players free of charge. Just download, log in and play.

Do I have to download the app to play on my mobile device?

No, HTML5 support allows you to play instantly using your mobile phone or tablet browser. Just visit and log in to start playing.


What do I need to start playing?

Once you've downloaded the Ladbrokes poker app or a mobile browser, you just have to register an account and make a deposit to begin playing real-money poker games and tournaments.

If you already have an account, you can log in and begin playing immediately.

How do I make a deposit?

You can make a deposit just the same as in the Ladbrokes Poker desktop software. By navigating to the cashier within the Ladbrokes Poker app, or in the Ladbrokes software via your mobile browser, you can see the payment options available for making deposits and withdrawals.

What if I forget my log in details?

You can recover your username and password by contacting Ladbrokes Poker support and verifying your account details with a support representative.

Where am I allowed to play?

You can take advantage of Ladbrokes Poker software on your mobile device in any un-restricted region where you have a reliable internet connection and GPRS support.

Why am I unable to access the software on mobile?

It could be that your network provider has blocked the content and prevented you from gaining access to the software. This is commonly done with services that are age-restricted.

We suggest you contact your network provider to find out if this content has been blocked as a result of their safeguards. You can contact our customer support for assistance.

How secure is it to play in Ladbrokes Poker App?

All communications are encrypted between the Ladbrokes software running on players' computers and our servers. Several security features are built into the Poker App to help reduce risks.  For example, there is no feature allowing you to save your password to your mobile device. This will prevent any unauthorized access to your account, as anyone who does not know your password, will not be able to pick up your device and log in to your account with an otherwise stored password.

What should I do if my mobile device is stolen?

Should your mobile device be lost or stolen, please email as soon as possible making sure to do this from your registered Ladbrokes Poker email address. Please also provide your name, your username/nickname in addition to any other relevant details you can supply.

What happens if I answer a phone call while playing? Or click the Home button to send Poker APP to the background?

As soon your phone rings, the Ladbrokes Poker App moves to the background and you will be removed from the game you are currently playing. Should you wish to return to the game after answering a phone call, you will need to manually restart the Ladbrokes Poker App. If you do not return to the Ladbrokes Poker App within a specified period of time, you will be disconnected from the game server due to inactivity.

In which territories can I download the IOS Poker App?

Currently the IOS Poker App can only be downloaded from UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, and Sweden App Stores.