Online Poker Features


Ladbrokes Poker features a user-friendly package of features and functionality not available on any other poker network, anywhere on the Internet. Guaranteed!



Client Features

Preview of the Ladbrokes Poker Software

Ladbrokes Poker features state-of-the-art graphics, animation and offers a superbly realistic gaming experience.

From The Poker Lobby, you can easily navigate to the vast range of cash games, tournaments, and casino games available in Ladbrokes Poker Room.


The Poker table enables you to experience all the action of a real poker game. There is a four colour card option available. Click the button to switch to Mini Table view.


You have the choice to play up to 16 tables simultaneously. With the Mini Table option you can automatically arrange your tables on the screen, depending on your screen resolution.


Lobby View


Navigating to the table or tournament of your choice has never been easier.

Check out our new tree lobby view – ring games and tournaments are organized in a simple menu located on the left side of the screen of the Ladbrokes Poker software. Simply click on an item in this menu (by clicking on the "+") and the menu will open to show you the various subcategories available.


Mini Table View

You can play up to sixteen tables simultaneously. The Poker software allows for easy navigation back and forth between tables, so that you will not miss your turn and can keep track of all the action.

Introducing the Mini Table View! Additionally, with the Mini Table View, choose between the regular, standard-sized, or Mini Table option. The Mini-Table view allows you to arrange your tables in a tiled format across the screen, depending on your screen resolution (For instance, at a screen resolution of 1024x768, each table takes up one quarter of the screen-see picture below).

To access the Mini-Table View, go to the "Options" menu, or simply click on the button in the top right section of your table screen (see picture below). To switch back to viewing the standard sized tables, just re-click on the button.

These interesting features are just some of the features we have added, to make your experience with Ladbrokes Poker more convenient, practical and exciting.




Ladbrokes Poker Points

As part of our unique reward program, Ladbrokes Poker players earn points when they play on ring table games and in tournaments. As players continue earning points, bonuses are released. Players can also buy-in to special tournaments with points and also have the option to exchange points for cash, depending on the promotion. To learn more about Ladbrokes Poker Points click here and to learn about how bonuses can be exchanged for Points, click here


Real-Time Game History

With Ladbrokes Poker, you can easily check your recent playing history in real-time from inside the poker game itself - your past moves, hands, bets and losses are all viewable in a simple, uncomplicated graphical format which can be used to review and analyse your gameplay.


Lobby Balance

Your balance is shown in the top left hand corner of the lobby (or in the games section). This shows the currency used in your Poker account. By hovering the mouse cursor over your balance, a dialogue box is opened, notifying you of your currency. (It may be that your chosen currency is different to the currency used in the current Poker room. By clicking on the link displayed, you can access the Poker help file. This Poker help file offers you a more detailed explanation regarding multicurrency features).


Joining Ring Games

Ring games are all available in different currencies. You will notice that in any specific Ring Game, all amounts on the table are shown in the currency of that particular room. Should you join a ring game whose currency is different from your own and purchase chips for that game, a dialogue box appears. This dialogue box shows the purchase amount in your own currency, and the number of chips being purchased, in the room currency.


Real Time Transaction History

As a Ladbrokes Poker player, you can view your financial transaction history in real-time, including detailed information regarding any deposits, cashouts and bonuses awarded. This information is available at your fingertips, a sign of the high level of transparency and account integrity offered by Ladbrokes Poker.


Live Support

At Ladbrokes Poker, help is always only a click away. Contact our Live Online Support in real-time, should you have any questions or need any assistance. Our highly-trained, experienced support staff are available 24/7 by telephone, email or online chat communication and can assist with any gaming or general queries that you might have.


Auto Re-buy In Tournaments

Our Auto Re-buy functionality allows you to set your own automatic re-buys into tournaments allowing uninterrupted game play.

You can use either the Auto Re-buy functionality to Re-Buy as soon as your stack is finished, or alternatively you can use the Auto Early Re-buy functionality to Re-Buy as soon as your stack goes below a specific amount above zero. (Only one of the two options can be utilized at the same time).


Mini Games

Mini Games (casino) can be accessed via the mini games tab on the right hand side of the poker table.


Table Features


Full Screen Option

Our full screen mode allows you see the game unfold across your entire computer screen, allowing you to maximize your playing experience and get right up in front of the action – never has online poker been so up close and personal!


Four Colour Deck Option

For players who want even more precise definition between their Hearts and their Diamonds, their Jacks and their Clubs, opting for our Four Colour Deck function allows you to see the cards in four distinct colours. Try our Four Color Deck function and you'll see the cards come alive in four separate colours!


Keyboard Play Support

Use our keyboard shortcuts to make your life infinitely easier during your multi-table sessions.

You will find special hot key shortcut options located on the betting slider, useful for betting, raising, folding, calling and checking.


Player Notes

If you want to stay a step ahead of the pack, use our Player Notes function to your advantage.

The Player Notes function means you can make notes and keep track when playing with people you have already played against previously. Simply click on a player's name and you have the opportunity to add a short note for that player. This is not only helpful and invaluable but could even be a game-changer, as you remind yourself of a rival player's habits, playing-style and tendencies. Your notes will be saved and displayed every time you meet this player on any Ladbrokes Poker table.


Hand History Replay Tool

The "Replayer" is an innovative feature allowing you to watch in video format, a replay of an entire poker session. You can review moment by moment, every hand played from all your sessions during the preceding 30 days. 



Quick Deposit Functionality

Our Quick Deposit function allows a player to make an immediate deposit, directly from within the poker table environment. A deposit, just a click away.



The Options Menu

Your game environment is totally customisable. Tweak the following options according to your personal requirements and create your perfect playing environment:


Poker Options

The Poker Options tab (available from the lobby only) - these settings cannot be changed while you have a table window open.

Avatar - Here you can choose your personal avatar – Your Avatar is how other players will see and hear you. Avatars are visible only when you play games in Side View mode.


Audio Settings

Sound – Select this option to enable/disable background sound effects while you play.

Music - Select this option in order to listen to background music while playing.

Audio Volume – Increase or decrease your preferred volume level, by moving the volume slider to the right or left.

Dealer Sounds – Choose this option to hear the dealer speaking while you play. (The sound option must also be selected in order to hear the dealer).

Player Sounds - Choose this option to hear other players' actions during gameplay. The sound option must also be selected in order to hear the players.


Game Settings

Enable Full Screen mode - Select this to display the poker games over the entire screen. When this option is not selected you will see the Poker displayed in a midsize window.

Chat - view bubbles – You can position the chat window where you wish, when playing at a table.

Please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support  team who are available at your service 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

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