Cash Game Tickets

Here at Ladbrokes we are launching an innovative reward system just for you ! - brand new Cash Game Tickets (CGTs) which can be used to play on any cash or speed poker table, where you can choose how much or how little of the tickets' value to play with at any time, on multiple tables, until the ticket value is redeemed or spent.


How do Cash Game Tickets (CGTs) work ?

For example: You receive a £10 Cash Game Ticket and use it to sit down with £5 at a cash table A (at this point, the ticket value drops to £5 and you have a £5 cash stack on table A). You then sit down at table B with £3 using that same ticket (the current value of the ticket drops to £2 and you have a £3 cash stack on table B).

You leave table A with winnings of £100, and leave table B with nothing, the ticket value refreshes to £10 and the remaining £92 winnings are immediately added to your player balance.

Once you have earned the required number of status points, whilst using the cash game ticket funds (turnover requirement), any remaining ticket value is automatically converted to cash and added to your player balance.


How do Cash Game Tickets (CGTs) appear on my account ?

General information about player tickets, both CGTs and tournament tickets, is displayed in the header of the Poker client.

If you  hover your mouse on the tickets area, the area is highlighted:

When player clicks the tickets area in the header, they are taken to the Tickets view in My Account section.

The Balance area in Poker client header displays the sum of the player's real money and the monetary amount of all active CGTs. Tournament tickets are not calculated in this balance.

When the mouse is hovered on the Balance amount, a detailed view of the balance is displayed. It individually lists the assets of the player:

Balance info – name of relevant asset, as follows:

Real money –balance, shown on the first row

Cash Game tickets – balance of each CGT displayed on a separate row

Total balance – sum of real money and bonus money of all CGTs.

Real money and individual tickets (CGT's) are shown by: Available funds, funds In Play and Total


How do I Use Cash Game Tickets (CGTs) ?

In order to use a CGT in a cash or speed game, you can:

• Click on a game tile with "Free ticket" label.

• Select a game in the grid view with ticket icon.

• Click the menu on a CGT tile and select Use ticket.





The following should be read alongside our General Website Terms & Conditions and Poker Jargon Buster. These terms can be accessed HERE & HERE.



  1. Cash Game Tickets (CGT) may be issued to, or won by, all Ladbrokes Poker customers, aged 18 years or over.
  2. You must be a real money poker player.



  1. Cash Game Tickets (CGTs) may be subject to table stake restrictions (please check ticket descriptions).
  2. CGTs will expire 30 days after issue if not used.
  3. CGTs may not be used on Heads-Up tables.
  4. CGTs may be used for multiple buy-ins on speed and cash tables. Any subsequent chip purchases during an active game session can only be made using the same CGT as used for the initial buy-in.
  5. Multiple CGTs may be used at any time, however if a CGT is in use on a table, it is not permissible to use another CGT on that table at that time.
  6. When using a CGT for buy-in / chip purchase, a player cannot bring real money to the same game.
  7. When the current value of the CGT increases above the issued value (prior to redemption), the difference is converted to real cash and added to player balance.
  8. While a CGT is being used, it cannot be redeemed or expired without the player leaving the tables on which it is being used.
  9. Should CGT redemption and expiry overlap, redemption is made first.
  10. In certain CGT situations, players may not be allowed to make withdrawals while CGT funds are still in play.
  11. When a CGT is in play, its' status moves from ‘Active' to ‘In-Use' and remains so until the player leaves all games in which the CGT is being used.
  12. If a CGT expiry date has passed, or redemption conditions have not been met, the CGT status moves to ‘Expired'.
  13. When CGT redemption conditions have been met, CGT status moves to ‘Redeemed' or ‘Spent'.



  1. Promoter: Ladbrokes Coral International Limited.
  2. Employees of the Promoter (and its affiliate companies), and any family members of employees, are not eligible to receive this Promotion. The Promoter reserves the right to verify the eligibility of all participants.
  3. We reserve the right to change, end or restrict your access to any Poker Promotion, if required for legal and/or regulatory reasons.
  4. We are aware that some links to our Cash Game Tickets may be posted on other sites or through forums or the information that the potential customer received may have been forwarded on to other persons who didn't receive the genuine Promotion offer from us. If we determine, acting reasonably, that you did NOT receive this particular promotion as an intended exclusive targeted recipient, we will not honour this Promotion.