Free Online Texas Holdem

In a day and age where many companies would charge their customers to breathe the air around them if they could, it makes refreshing reading to learn that a company the size of Ladbrokes Poker is offering free online Texas Holdem games for all of its customers.
Poker is an exciting game that is enjoyed by millions of players every day and one where vast sums or money can and are won on a daily basis. Whilst the rules are simple and easy to learn, mastering the game can take a lifetime and could be potentially expensive if the player in question attempts to learn the game whilst playing for medium to high stakes. This is where being able to take advantage of 100% free Texas Holdem games really comes into its own.
Types of free online Texas Holdem games
The most popular way to play free online Texas Holdem games are freeroll tournaments. These are tournaments that do not command any entry fee, hence the name implying the player is free-rolling, but may still award real money prizes to the winner of to the top 5, 10 or 15% of the finishers.
Other forms of free online Texas Holdem games come in the shape of cash games and sit 'n' go tournaments. These games do actually command an entry fee but it is paid for via a fake currency known as play money. This play money costs nothing to purchase and every player on Ladbrokes Poker, even those who have never made a real money deposit, received 2,000 play money chips in their account. Should a player lose all of these free chips they can simply request more completely free of charge.
Whilst the play money has no monetary value attached to it, taking part in the play money games can be very rewarding indeed. Not only does it allow players new to the game the chance to discover Texas Holdem without any financial risk to themselves, but there is also a thriving play money community on Ladbrokes Poker, where people do not want to play poker for real money and are more than happy to play for a virtual currency, enjoy the game and company of like minded poker players. Just because there are not thousands of Euros at stake during a hand does not mean the game is less exciting, especially when there is personal pride and competition against one's peers at stake!