How to perfect your Poker Face


Having an effective poker face is an important part of your poker arsenal.  The ability to hide your reactions and keep a straight face is probably a lot harder than you might think. Here are our dos and don'ts to perfecting your poker face.

  1. Eliminate nervous gestures by relaxing your face

The biggest part to maintaining a poker face is to relax your muscles. As your face is what's on show to the other players it's important to keep a calm demeanour. Your opponents will be quick to pick up on any slight changes that may give you away. Just make sure to hide any initial reactions that you may have by keeping relaxed.


2. Eye contact is key

By looking straight into your opponent's eyes you're letting them know that you're the one in control.  Maintaining eye contact shows confidence, making the other players suspect you have a good hand. Stare at the bridge of their nose to help you keep prolonged eye contact.


3. Try not to stare aimlessly

Staring off into the distance or glaring down at your hand can often be a sign of weakness. You will appear to be disinterested in the game or showing fault in your cards. Make sure to mix up your eye movements and have a routine that you stick with every time you check your hand.


4. Keep your jaw relaxed and try not to talk

If you have any sort of reaction such as a smile, smirk or grimace then this will be highlighted by your other facial features ready for your opponents to witness. Start by relaxing your jaw and you'll naturally feel your entire face relax too. If you're feeling excited or nervous it will be heard in your voice so try to avoid talking as much as possible.


5. Try to always look straight ahead

Many behavioural experts say that when someone looks up and to the right after being asked a question they are trying to stimulate the creative side of the brain. This could be an indication to other players that you have something to hide or cover up.  Try to keep eye movements to a minimum, even squinting, as this could reveal if you have a bad hand.

6. Sunglasses conceal your eye movements.

It happens in the movies so why can't you wear sunglasses at poker too? Your eyes give you away more than you might expect so putting on sunglasses eliminates the risk.


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