Play Poker at Your Own Event

Do you have an event coming up that requires exciting entertainment or want to plan an activity that gets your friends together? Then why not host your own poker night. Its fun for people of all levels- beginners to poker pro's!  So to help you organise your night and turn it into a great success we have put together a guide of all the things you need to consider.


To successfully play poker at your own event you'll need to plan well. Work out how many guests you plan on having and find a venue that's large enough to cater for everyone. You could have a small table of guests or multiple tables; it's entirely up to you. It's a night of fun so why not include a theme. Set the background music to match and it's bound to get everyone in the perfect spirit for a great night.

This may not seem necessary but it's best to decide on a finishing time. Your guests will have different speeds of playing the game so by letting everyone know the end point it will keep the competitive spirits high. This will also determine when you'll raise the blinds, usually every 30 or 60 minutes. But remember, keep the time-keeping casual, as there's no reason why you can't keep playing all night!


Now you've decided on the number of guests, you'll need to prepare the equipment.  First up, sort out the deck of cards and the poker chips; you'll want at least 30 chips per person. If you and your friends want to start a regular poker tournament why not go ‘all-in' and invest in a quality poker table. Equally, a regular dining table should do just fine. If this is more to your budget you could always lay down a felt table topper for that professional edge and create that perfect ambiance. Plus, with felt down you'll be able to riffle chip stacks like the pros.

Understand the Game and the Players

As the host it will be down to you to keep the evening flowing without any glitches. Your guests are likely to range from beginners to professionals so it's important you demonstrate the rules to everyone that requires a refresher and keep it light for those that are already clued in.  After all you don't want everyone to be on their smartphones all evening checking up on the winning hands.

Establish House Rules Before the Game Starts

At the start of the night it's crucial that you set out some house rules. This could include the number of chips everyone receives at the beginning of the game, price of the buy in, and when to raise blinds. Make sure to establish the player etiquette beforehand.  It doesn't have to be so strict though, so think of humorous rules and forfeits to keep it light and fun.

Food & Drink

And last but not least, keep your guests happy with a refreshing supply of snacks and beverages. A top tip is to present nibbles such as crisps, nachos and nuts to your guests at the table, and then have a separate buffet style eating area for foods with a bit more sustenance. Mexican food such as fajitas is a great idea for a poker night, it's quick to whip up, there's something for everyone and it's easy food to grab whilst you're out of the game. Whatever you choose just keep it simple and if you have a theme stick to it!