How to Play Poker

קטע וידאו
The Basics of Poker
This episode of the Ladbrokes Poker School will outline the basics in How to Play Poker. Nick Moran and Jon "skalie" Kalmar take you through how the game begins and plays out. Nick's enormous voice-over covers how the action begins with the dealer button, blinds, hole cards, community cards, turn and of course the river card. The video outlines the options a player has in every position in whether they check, bet, call or raise.
How To Play is designed for new players to reference if they are not yet familiar with the pattern of play. Remember, Ladbrokes Poker aims to provide a platform for players to feel less intimidated when they first begin to play online poker.
This episode also has supporting articles including a description of the most common position names around the table. Also, there is an easy to read guide to the hand rankings something Nick Moran had fun trying to follow ending up with him using fish and chips as examples. Confused? Watch the video and follow Nick's journey.
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