Six Plus Holdem

This variant of Texas Hold'em offers great entertainment and more opportunities to win big. Six Plus poker is played with a deck reduced from 52 cards to 36. The hand-hierarchy is slightly modified to accommodate the removal of 2, 3, 4, and 5 from every suite, with 6 as the lowest value card in the deck and A the highest.

As far as the betting structure and the style of play are concerned, the games functions no differently than classic Texas Hold'em. The hand hierarchy has changed as a result of cards being removed from the deck and is as follows:

• Royal Flush

• Straight flush

• Four of a kind

• Flush

• Full house

• Three of a kind

• Straight

• Two pair

• One pair

• High card


For example, the weakest straight available in Six Plus poker is A6789, while AKQJT remains the strongest, three-of-a-kind beats a straight and a Flush beats a full-house. Strong hands will be more common when playing and as a result, plenty of more opportunities to cash in will arise. Be mindful that your opponents will enjoy the same benefits this unique poker style has to offer.

NOTE: Six Plus poker tables are only available on the new Ladbrokes Poker software.



Six Plus Games

Six Plus poker games have their own designation in the Ladbrokes Poker software and players can sit at these Six Plus tables just as they would any other.

Six Plus Speed, Six Plus SNGs, and Six Plus tournaments are also available in the software, offering a great variety of ways to play this unique variation of Texas Hold'em.