Sit N Go Tournaments


Learn How To Play Single Table Tournaments (STT's)

Single-Table Tournaments (STTs – also known as "Sit n Go's") are extremely convenient and perfect for beginners in the online poker world. This is because, unlike cash tables (and some MTTs) you only pay a fixed amount to enter, and the games do not last too long – especially if they're turbos!

STTs offer a fun, easy way to play. Just join a tournament and, once the pre-requisite number of players has registered (usually 6 or 10) the action starts! They're a good investment too, the top three places usually get paid, and in a small field it offers the solid poker player a very decent rate of return!

STTs are also very varied, you can play normal hold'em games, turbo, heads-up, twister or double or nothing!



Single Table Tournament Rules

· You can enter any Single Table Tournament by posting the required buy-in and entry fee.

· All tournaments will start when the table has the requisite number of entries.

· Tournaments are played until one player has all of the chips, or until the specific requirements of the  particular tournament are met, for example. Double or Nothing formats.

· You are eliminated when you lose all of your poker chips; no re-buys are allowed unless stated.

· The top finishers are paid according to the following schedule:

· Where there are 10 players then the split is 50% 1st, 30% 2nd, 20% 3rd (unless stated otherwise).

· Where there are 5 players then the split is 70% 1st and 30% 2nd (unless stated otherwise).

· There are other prize splits on site, please refer to the game you are joining for specific prize structures.

· Tournaments are not raked as the entry fee pays for the table time.

· Ladbrokes Multi-Player Poker is not a party to any wager and only serves to oversee the event and the wagers that are made by the participants. All prize money distributed is a pool of the buy-in amounts contributed by individual poker players.

· Each tournament starts with its own specified number of starting chips. These are variable according to the tournament that you join, so always ensure you understand the tournament you are about to play.

· The limits, blinds and bets are raised after every 10 hands played.

· At the start of the tournament, you are dealt one card face up. The player receiving the highest card by suit   (high - low: spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs) will get the dealer button for the first hand.

· When only two players are remaining, the small blind has the button and will act first before the flop.

· In fixed-limit play, each betting round will consist of one bet, and up to a maximum of three raises for a total   of 4 bets per round.

· In fixed-limit play, when only two players are remaining in any hand, there is a maximum of five raises for a total of 6 bets per round.

· Tournaments are played straight-through until one player has all of the chips or until other stipulations are met as per the design of any individual tournament; there will be no breaks (unless specified). If you need to leave the poker table then tick the fold/check all box and this will fold/check your hands until you return.

· When you lose all of your poker chips, you are out of the tournament and placed in the order that you were eliminated, i.e. in 10-player tournaments, if you are the 8th player eliminated, you finished in 3rd place and will receive your portion of the prize pool.

· If two or more players are eliminated in the same hand, the player with the most chips at the start of the hand will be placed higher.

· Ladbrokes Multi-Player Poker will not assist players who make deals during tournaments. The tournaments continue until the winner is declared and the payoffs are made according to the laid out structure.

· No soft playing allowed. All players should be played against with the same intensity; team play may result in being banned from future tournaments and other potential restrictions or deductions from a players account.

· If you lose connection or your computer freezes, and have All-ins remaining and also have chips at stake in a hand, you will be declared All-in based on the All-in rules.

· You must understand and accept the risks of Internet disconnections. If you are not connected before a hand starts, you will be dealt cards and then folded automatically. If you are in position to post a blind and are not connected, the blind is posted automatically and your hand is folded. This continues until you re-establish a connection or have run out of poker chips.

· In the unlikely event of a server problem/ crash, all tournaments in play are deemed as cancelled. Once the server re-starts, we will refund the full Buy-in and entry fee. As per cash games, Ladbrokes is not liable in any way for server/communication problems that might affect customer game play.

· Railbird chat privileges for players watching any of the tournaments will be removed if deemed to be abusive.

· English is the only language allowed at the tables.

· Management decisions are final.