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Ladbrokes Points

Ladbrokes Points are earned at ring games based on a player's contribution to the rake taken during each hand.

Ladbrokes Points are also awarded at tournament play. For every $1 in fee each player generates, he will receive 10 Ladbrokes Points.

Exact information about Ladbrokes Points is detailed here.


The More Poker You Play, The More Points You Earn

When you sit at a ring game table, you'll see a line in the top left corner of your screen. The word Points stands for Ladbrokes Points. After each raked hand you will see this number increase. This represents the number of Points you've earned at that ring game.


Keeping Track of Your Balance - In My Account

Click on the My Account button in the upper left hand corner of the Ladbrokes Poker software and you will see a new window with details of your available Real Money. But, there's something much more. You will be able to see lines detailing your Ladbrokes Points Balance and your Pending Bonus Dollars.


Bonuses are issued automatically - When you are issued a bonus it will be added directly to your Pending Bonus Dollars account.This bonus will be redeemed as you earn points. Please refer to each specific bonus' page for the redemption rate. Please refer to the Bonuses section of My Account in the software to keep track of your active pending bonuses, their redemption rates, and their expiration dates.



How to Calculate Your Bonus Redemption Rate?

For example:

· A $100 bonus was issued and 5000 Points are needed in order to redeem the bonus.

· Thus, the redemption rate is set at 50 Points for $1.

· Your bonus is credited to your account in $5 increments, so 5 x 50  = 250 Points.

· Therefore you will receive $5 bonus amounts every time you accumulate 250 Ladbrokes Poker Points until your bonus is redeemed or expired.