Ladbrokes VIP Club

VIP players at Ladbrokes Poker get the very best in loyalty rewards through our six-tier loyalty club. Each level offers increasingly potent benefits in the form of cash bonuses. Our players can improve their VIP status simply by earning Ladbrokes points via cash games and real money tournament fees. Play online poker and ascend the ranks to enjoy the full spectrum of VIP benefits as a Ladbrokes Poker Legend.


From the very beginning you'll earn great perks in the club and as you rise to each new level, you'll notice your Ladbrokes Points exchange rates at the Shop stacking more and more in your favour. Cash rewards get larger and easier to acquire, giving you more opportunities to play and win in the card games you love. Ladbrokes VIPs get impressive rakeback equivalents via our VIP Rewards Shop, with those at the very top level of our programme receiving as much as 33% in each cash-in request.​





The following should be read alongside our General Website Terms & Conditions and Poker Jargon Buster. These terms can be accessed HERE & HERE.



  1. This VIP Reward Scheme is open to all Ladbrokes Poker customers, aged 18 years or over.
  2. You must be a real money poker player.



  1. VIP levels are updated daily and are based on the number of points you accrue on a rolling 30 day basis.
  2. Your VIP level can be viewed in your "My Account" Section of the Poker Software.
  3. VIP level downgrades will occur once a month, on the 1st of each month, based on the last calendar month of poker activity.
  4. Points are accumulated at the following rates for cash or tournament rakes and fees: $1 =10 points, €1 = 14 points, £1 = 16 points.
  5. Points required per month to achieve or retain Poker VIP Status: Poker VIP Level 1 (Short Stack) = 0, Poker VIP Level 2 (Grinder) = 100, Poker VIP Level 3 (Deep Stack) = 500, Poker VIP Level 4 (Chip Leader) = 1,600, Poker VIP Level 5 (Rounder) = 4,000, Poker VIP Level 6 (Legend) = 9,000.



  1. At real cash tables, points are awarded to players for each hand in which they contribute money to the pot. Points are not awarded if a hand is not raked. Points are also awarded based on fees paid by the player when buying-in to a real cash Tournament.
  2. Poker Points have no value other than to determine your VIP level and to release bonus funds.
  3. Poker Points have no value, but can be redeemed for cash rewards determined by your current VIP Level.
  4. Your Poker Points balance is displayed in the Poker Software. Poker Point balances are updated only after a hand or Tournament has completed.
  5. Your accrued Poker Points are updated in real time.
  6. Freerolls or other free entry / token entry to Tournaments do not accrue points.



  1. Poker Points can be exchanged by customers using the Poker Software facility.
  2. Poker Points cash-ins are done on an ‘all or nothing' basis, with a minimum unit payout of €1 or currency equivalent.
  3. Poker Points VIP Level 1 are restricted from using the rewards shop
  4. The redemption rate varies dependent on VIP level as outlined below.
  5. Poker Points redemption rates per Poker VIP Level: Poker VIP Level 2 = 90 Poker Points per €, Poker VIP Level 3 = 70 Poker Points per €, Poker VIP Level 4 = 60 Poker Points per €, Poker VIP Level 5 = 50 Poker Points per €, Poker VIP Level 6 = 42 Poker Points per €.
  6. Any Poker Points balance worth under €1 will be left in your Account and will count towards your next cash-in.
  7. Poker Points that haven't been used after 12 months will be automatically removed.
  8. Customers using only mobile devices may contact support to request Poker Points conversions be carried out manually.



  1. Promoter: Ladbrokes Coral International Limited.
  2. Employees of the Promoter (and its affiliate companies), and any family members of employees, are not eligible to receive this Poker Bonus. The Promoter reserves the right to verify the eligibility of all participants.
  3. We reserve the right to change, end or restrict your access to any Poker Bonus Promotion, if required for legal and/or regulatory reasons. 
  4. We are aware that some links to our VIP Reward Scheme may be posted on other sites or through forums or the information that the potential customer received may have been forwarded on to other persons who didn't receive the genuine VIP Reward Scheme offer from us. If we determine, acting reasonably, that you did NOT receive this particular promotion as an intended exclusive targeted recipient, we will not honour this Welcome Package Bonus.


Ladbrokes VIP Points

Ladbrokes VIP Points are earned from every cash game and real money tournament fee paid. Points are applied to your VIP status and contribute to the rate at which you advance within the VIP Club.  Ladbrokes Points can be used in the VIP Reward Shop to exchange for cash at any time.


VIP Level

VIP Name

Points required Per Month


Short Stack






Deep Stack



Chip Leader









The more you contribute to a pot, the larger amount of points you will receive. Players will also receive points for paying tournament entry fees. Depending on which currency you're playing in, the amount of points earned will be differ accordingly.

Points Accumulation:

$1 toward cash games = 10 Ladbrokes Points

$1 toward tournament fees = 10 Ladbrokes Points

€1 toward cash games = 14 Ladbrokes Points

€1 toward tournament fees = 14 Ladbrokes Points

£1 toward cash games = 16 Ladbrokes Points

£1 toward tournament fees = 16 Ladbrokes Points

Ladbrokes VIP Reward Shop

From 1st May 2017, Ladbrokes Reward Shop will be 100% automatic – claim your rewards when you want them.

You can now exchange your points for cash up to 33%, directly from the poker client, whenever you need it.


VIP Level

Points Per €

Rakeback %

















Click here to see how easy it is to claim your VIP Rewards

Ladbrokes VIP Race

Top-level VIPs (Levels 5 and 6) gain access to an exclusive Race held each month with a €3,000 prize pool. The only way to gain access of these events is to advance to the top two tiers of the VIP club. Advance to the highest ranks in the VIP club to receive your monthly invitation and a new opportunity every month to take home your share of the €3,000 prize pool.

Players VIP levels are updated on a daily basis to ensure our players enjoy all the benefits of their new VIP level as quickly as possible. Added to that, your highest VIP level is carried over to the next calendar month. This way our players enjoy an extra month of full benefits.