Poker Hands

Royal Flush

The ultimate poker hand, the Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten of any one suit. (649,739 – 1)

Straight Flush

A straight in one suit, i.e. five cards of the same suit in ascending order. (64,973 – 1 including royal flush)

Four of a Kind

Four cards of the same value. (4,164 – 1)

Full House

Three of a kind and a pair. The three of a kind, determines the strength of the hand. (693 – 1)


Flush Five cards of the same suit. (508 – 1) 


Straight Five cards of assorted suits in ascending order. (254 – 1)

Three of a kind

Three of a kind Three cards having the same face value. (46 – 1) 

Two Pair

Two Pair Two sets of pairs. (20 – 1) 

One Pair

One Pair One pair of cards. (2.36 – 1) 

High Card

High Card Highest card wins the hand in the event of none of the above hands being present. (2 – 1)


Poker Hands Ranking

All online poker games, be it Holdem Texas Poker, Omaha Poker, Seven Card Stud poker, 5 Card Stud poker have one unifying factor above all others. They all rank their hand values the same.

All the 5 card poker games, regardless of if they are played as free poker or online poker or live poker or indeed just on the kitchen table amongst friends all have the same hierarchy of hand rankings and these never alter. A player may strive their whole poker career to be the lucky recipient of a ‘Royal Flush' some may get more than their fare share over time, however it is often what you do with the hands dealt to you that counts more than the hand itself.

Any online poker hand has no distinction between suits, the face value of a card will often be the determining factor in a hand but the suits have no comparative value when it comes to deciding who wins the pot.

Above we have provided a run down of the poker hands ranking, starting with the Almighty ‘Royal Flush' and then in descending order.