Uninstalling Ladbrokes Poker Software

Ladbrokes Poker has made the process of uninstalling our Poker Room software as quick and easy as possible.

*We would be extremely grateful if you could take just a moment to inform our SUPPORT TEAM of your reasons for leaving or uninstalling, because we always strive to make improvements and solve problems for our valued customers.


The Uninstallation Process

Please note: the uninstall process might vary slightly depending on your computer's exact operating system and version.

  1. Go to the Windows "Start" button (bottom left of your desktop).
  2. Type "Add" or Remove Programs" in the search bar and subsequently open the utility.
  3. Once the "Add or Remove Programs" utility opens, locate the Ladbrokes Poker Software from the list of applications shown in the utility.
  4. Click "Uninstall/Change" Ladbrokes Poker or alternatively double-click on Ladbrokes Poker in the list which brings up the uninstall prompt.
  5. Now simply follow the Uninstall Wizard.


It may take a few minutes to uninstall the Ladbrokes Poker software. Please don't hesitate to contact SUPPORT should you have any queries.

We hope you will still come back to our website regularly, to stay aware of all the fantastic new promotions and tournaments which we are constantly offering.