What steps do I have to take to install the poker software?

It couldn't be simpler to install the poker software – simply go to the website and click on the Download & Play button or CLICK HERE. The Poker software download will automatically start as soon as the launch takes place. When downloading the software for the first time, our Step by Step guide will help you through the installation process.

What are the minimum system requirements to run the new software?

In order to enjoy the full benefits of the Ladbrokes Poker software features, please ensure the minimum system requirements as listed here are met.

Who should I contact if I have any questions or need any advice?

Our dedicated and award winning Support Team is available for any and all queries/questions 24/7

My account is locked, how can I unlock it?

Please contact our 24 hour Support Team who will be happy to help you resolve the issue.

How do I make a deposit or transfer into my Poker account?

Once in any of the Ladbrokes software programs, click on the ‘Cashier' button, choose your preferred deposit method and fill in the required information to make a deposit. This will complete the transfer of funds to Ladbrokes Poker.

To make a transfer click on the transfer button and choose ‘from' and ‘to' options to transfer funds.

What advantages are there in opening a Poker account at Ladbrokes?

At Ladbrokes Poker you can expect fantastic promotions that are constantly changing to provide all of our players the biggest and best bonuses available, a VIP scheme the envy of every poker room, and the most helpful and efficient Customer Support in town.

What bonuses do you offer your players?

We have a multitude of bonuses that we offer our players, starting with our fantastic First Deposit Bonus offer of 200% up to $2000 and working our way up to all of our promotional bonuses.

What are beginners tables and how can I play on them?

Beginners tables are exclusive tables for any player who signed up in the previous 90 days. Any player will be a new player for 90 days after their first login to our poker software.

Beginner tables only exist for cash tables.

How do I join the Ladbrokes VIP Rewards program?

It is as simple as playing, that is the one and only requirement.

How can I check my current Points balance?

Simply go into the cashier, select poker information and then ipoints.

How is rake calculated?

At Ladbrokes we have tried to make the formula as simple as possible for our players. The main point you need to remember is that rake is calculated when you contribute towards a pot.

Is it possible to play on more than one table at one time?

All experienced players love to play multi-tables, so yes it is possible. You should treat multi-tabling in the same way that you would lifting weights at a gym, making small gradual advancements over weeks and months rather than trying to do more than you can handle right away.

To play at multiple tables simply click on the icon and you'll be ready to play up to a maximum of 16 tables. The tables will be automatically resized and arranged. 

Where can I view my game history?

Once again enter the Cashier> Poker Info> then choose either Table History or Tournament History.

Select the date range that you wish to check the information for(please note a maximum of 30 days are possible).

Select either Show Session or Show Tournaments.

The details requested will be shown If a specific Tournament or Session has been chosen.

You will be able to access the hand by hand history of either Session or Tournament.

What is the Ladbrokes Poker Disconnection Policy?

If a player loses his/her connection for any reason, play will continue. Blinds and antes will continue to be posted automatically. If this situation arises players must ensure to log back on as soon as possible to continue playing. If a player is unable to log back on they will blinded/anted out of the tournament.

Players must accept the risk of disconnections, unfortunately this will and does occur. At no point will Ladbrokes assume responsibility for disconnected players no matter what caused the disconnection. If a Player is disconnected during the play of a hand, they will be given a period of time in which to re-connect - about 30 seconds. If the player is not able to do so, their hand is folded unless they are "all in". If you choose to sit out, you are deemed 'away from the table' and will still receive cards that will be folded in turn. Blinds will also continue to be taken when appropriate. If you time-out or disconnect, you will be automatically marked 'away from the table' until you uncheck the appropriate box and re-join the game.

For all questions or queries regarding the FAQ's please contact our 24/7 customer support who are ready to assist.