Multi Table Tournament Poker


Learn how to play Multi-table tournaments (MTTs)

Multi-table tournaments (MTTs) do exactly what they say on the tin – it's a tournament, with multiple tables! There are many different types of MTTs; from freerolls to freezouts and rebuys to short-handed pot-limit Omaha double chance turbos with add-ons(!) Characterised by monster fields and large prize money, these poker tournaments are the mainstay of the World Series of Poker and offer some of the biggest and best action online. It is this format that has made the likes of Jason Mercier and Phil Ivey, famous names in the world of poker.

Perseverance and patience are the real watchwords in this form of poker, as the long levels and gradual blind structures allow for a great deal of quality play before stacks begin to get threatened by forced bets. On the other hand, aggressive play can see looser players accumulate big stacks quickly, so there is room for all contrasting playing styles to be effective. The larger prize pools also mean more places get paid and the final tablists take home a huge amount compared to their buy-ins – for example, the winner of Sunday's massive €25,000 Guaranteed SUnday Premium takes home over €5,000 for just a €50 buy-in!


Poker House Rules


Multi and Single Table Tournament Rules 

• All Multi Table Tournaments will begin at the time stated in the lobby.

• Registration times for all tournaments are shown in the lobby.
• Seats are randomly assigned and there will be no changes allowed. 
• At the start of the tournament, poker players will high card for the button. One card is dealt face up to all players, the player with the highest card by suit starts on the button.
• The tournament ends when one player wins all of the poker chips IN PLAY. If the tournament is a rebuy format or variation thereof the tournament will only be able to finish after the completion of the rebuy / add on stage or if the last remaining player eligible for a rebuy chooses not to take the option therefore leaving only one remaining player.
• When a player loses all of their chips, they are eliminated from the poker tournament, unless the tournament is a rebuy format or variant of such and still during the stages where players may ‘rebuy', if a player has sufficient funds available in their poker wallet they may ‘rebuy' during this stage.
• If two or more players are eliminated in the same hand, the player with the most chips at the start of the hand will be placed higher. If the chips are tied then the players will finish in the same position and any prizes they win will be split.
• Raises are not capped in No Limit or Pot Limit tournaments but during limit tournaments there is a maximum of a bet and 3 raises before the pot is capped except when the play gets heads up.
• When play is heads up, (only 2 players remain) the player on the button will post the small blind and be first to act. There is no limit to the number of raises.
• Poker tables are automatically balanced during a tournament.
• Players may be moved to other tables to maintain the balance. If the player is moved into the Big blind, Small Blind or the button position, these positions are live and are in play immediately.
• Deal making facilities exist in network tournaments.
• Hand for Hand dealing will be operated when player numbers approach the prize money positions, and for each subsequent change in the prize money until the final table is reached. This means that all hands will start at the same time and a new hand will not be dealt until all hands on all tables have been completed.
• If a player has registered for a poker tournament and is not present at the start they will be blinded off and be deemed to have played in the tournament.
• Tournaments that guarantee a seat will be cancelled if there are less than 2 players registered. The full buy-in will be paid back to the players.
• Players or railbirds (Observers) may not discuss hands until a hand is over. Anyone discussing their discarded cards or hand possibilities may be subject to disqualification.
• Soft playing, team playing or chip dumping will result in disqualification from the tournament, and possibly suspension from Ladbrokes Poker with all funds impounded.
• Normal tournament rules apply to all tournaments.
• English is the only language allowed at the tables.
• Players and observers are expected to use the chat feature in a courteous manner. Failure to do so may result in the loss of the facility or other actions taken against the players account where deemed appropriate.
• Late registration - late registration is available on selected tournaments. Tournaments offering late registration will have this information advertised where possible in the tournament description window. The length of the late registration period will also be advertised therein. Please note if a place is not available immediately you may be seated after the end of the rebuy period or when the blinds are significantly higher. By registering late you accept this risk.
• In seating late registrants there may be, on rare occasions, a situation whereby players have to repost blinds. This might occur when the seat to the right of the player posting the small blind is empty. If this seat becomes filled in the next round, then the player that recently entered becomes the dealer and big and small blind are posted by the same players again.
• By participating in a tournament the player accepts the risk of Internet disconnection between their computer and the servers, or lag and freeze due to the player's computer. does not accept responsibility for any player disconnections except in the event of a server crash.
• reserves the right to cancel or reschedule tournaments at their discretion.
• If the event of a dispute, management decision will be final.
• reserves the right to amend the Tournament Rules and Policies at any time without notice to the players.
• A player who is disconnected during a tournament will be marked as fold/check all and blinded off until they reconnect to the tournament and uncheck the fold/check all box.
• Our normal all in/disconnections policy applies to all tournaments.
• Players can only win one satellite entry to any tournament, there is no cash alternative and seats are not transferable. Should any player win subsequent seats via a satellite he or she will be issued a tournament ticket to the value of the target tournament valid for 30 days. Should a player be unable to play for any reason then they will forfeit their entry. Players who buy in to a main event (target tournament) and then qualify via a satellite will NOT receive a tournament ticket or any refund of buy-ins to the satellite tournament.
• During Freeroll tournaments, if a player has not logged in and played before the 1st blind increase, they are automatically eliminated.
• If our gaming servers or their network connectivity develop problems or a tournament starts with an error which require tournaments to be cancelled, players will either be refunded buy ins and rebuys or be paid out
According to the tournament cancelation ruleset governing procedure at various stages of the tournament In general the following will apply:
1.) If the tournament has not started, a full refund of the buy in amount will be given.
2.) If the tournament has started and most players are still active, a full refund of the buy in amount and any additional fees will be given.
3.) If the Senior Poker Manager takes the decision to cancel a tournament with a refund: All players are refunded the tournament buy in amount and any additional fees.
4.) If the Senior Poker Manager takes the decision to cancel a tournament with a payout: All remaining players will receive a payout based on the percentage of chips held in relation to the total number of chips left in play.
5.) If a tournament with a guaranteed prize pool is cancelled will only refund the total buy in.
6.) Please note, every effort is made to treat all our customers equally and fairly.
7.) The Senior Poker Manager will be responsible for resolving any queries which arise.
All tournament blind and payout structures are set by Ladbrokes, blinds, payout positions and prizes will be displayed in the tournament lobby.